Product Standardization:
Td malleable cast iron pipe fittings meet all requirements of the European malleable cast iron pipe fittings standard EN 10242 and the international fitting standard ISO 49. The two standards are similar. The europeans fittings standard (EN 10242) has been adopted by most Europeans countries as a national version (DIN EN 10242, BS EN 10242, ONORM EN 10242, SN EN 10242, etc.) while the former national standards have been withdrawn (DIN 2950, BS 143 & 1256). Note should be taken of “Design Symbols” as new elements of the fitting designation. Both in ISO 49 as well as in EN 10242. Corresponding to the material and connection thread.

Surface finish:
Td malleable cast iron pipe fittings are available with black or hot-dip galvanized finish coating.

All dimensions z-dimensions and other technical data can be found in the relevant technical catalogue.

Td fittings are threaded as jointing threads in accordance with ISO 7/1. Internal threads are parallel (Ro) and external threads are 1,16 taper (R) for proving reliable tightness during mounting of fittings. Also the fastening thread to ISO 228/1 is used only in few cases e.g. on nuts. The main difference is that ISO 7/1 threads becomes pressure tight in the thread by mating of the threads themselves and by using hemp with sealing paste, sealing strips or other materials. Where as the ISO 228/1 thread is a completely mechanical fastening.

Working Pressures and Temperatures:
Td fittings are suitable for the maximum working pressures within the temperature ranges given in the following table. Intermediate pressure ratings at temperatures between -120°C and 300°C can be obtained by linear inter polation.

Service temperature °C Maximum permiissible working preasure bad*
-20 – 120 25
Between 120 and 300 Interpolated
300 20

*=1 bar=/10 N/m2=100kPa

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